Strange Laws

There are a lot of laws that don’t make sense to me:

Surely the sentence for attempted murder should be the same as the sentence for successful murder. Otherwise we’re just rewarding incompetence.

I’m particularly confused as to why dangerous drugs are illegal. I assume the reasoning is that it will keep people from hurting themselves. The penalty for attempting to hurt yourself is that you are sent to prison where a guy named Chainsaw punches out your front teeth and rents you to the Aryan Brotherhood for parties. After about 15 years of that, you’ll think twice about trying to hurt yourself.

A good old friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver, doing over 80 in a 30 zone whilst on his 8th driving ban. The sentence….? Five years, so possibly back on the streets in 2. Go figure….

The killer, Paul Carson, had been illegally driving since he was 15. He had convictions for 48 motoring offences under six different names, including eight offences of driving while disqualified. What a joke.

Glenn Kinsey – character beyond description – sorely missed.

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