You can’t escape Islam in Australia

One of my colleagues recently expressed a desire to emigrate to Australia, having become seriously disillusioned with UK Government, pandering to Islamic (and other minority) demands, general dissatisfaction with the UK and a desire for ‘something better’.

He was under the impression that Australians wouldn’t tolerate attacks on their culture and way of life… so I asked him to Google ‘Islam Australia’ to confirm this…

This was the first story that came up… I’d not heard the second part before, and although old news and quite serious in implication, it gave me a good laugh.

Australian Muslim cleric in trouble again
13/01/2007 07:43

By Rob Taylor

CANBERRA (Reuters) – One of Australia’s top Muslim clerics, who inflamed anti-Muslim sentiment by comparing unveiled women to ‘uncovered meat, was in trouble again on Friday after saying Muslim Australians had more right to the country than people descended from convicts.

Taj el-DinSheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly, the mufti of Australia’s biggest mosque in Sydney, told Egyptian television in an interview that white Australians originally arrived in convict chains.

‘We (Muslims) came as free people. We bought our own tickets. We are entitled to Australia more than they are..’ he said in comments translated for Australian television networks.

The controversy last year over his ‘women as meat’ sermon was a conspiracy to ‘bring the Islamic community to its knees’, Hilaly said, calling white Australians the ‘;biggest liars’.

You couldn’t make it up hey..?

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