Hook, Line, and Sinker… they got me good

I don’t permit any media to be introduced to my network, regardless of the format, without it being processed to ensure that it presents no risk (or as minimal risk as possible).

Call me old-fashioned, but that’s how it is… some would even say that my policies are indicative of extreme paranoia – but I know who they are and monitor their communications closely.

They got me goodAnyways… I was advised today that a client had submitted data on physical media and that it required checking, as per security policy, before use. On returning to my desk I found this (pictured) waiting for me.

My reaction was, apparently, interesting… certain members of staff have expressed dismay at neglecting to video it for posterity.

Thanks guys… you got me… 😉

Oh… for those born post 1976… it’s an 8 inch, 360K, single-sided, single-density floppy.

How the times have changed..!

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