DFH Office – moved in one weekend

DFH Offices – complete infrastructure move and revamp in 1 weekend

I don’t often feature work on the site anymore, but felt this one was worthy of a mention.

Company I worked for previously found themselves having to move offices at short notice.

A not insubstantial task – not project managed by me, I was roped in just to get the IT moved and functioning between 2pm Friday afternoon and 7am the following Monday (although I did get 10 days to prepare).

That’s me late on Sunday evening looking rather smug in the last pic… this would not have been possible without the assistance of the remaining old IT Team, Sathish, Drew, Edgars and the new Guys – James and John.

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The (already existing) patch panels are about 40 meters from Server cabs so had to get a couple of Cisco switches (keeping it consistent) and drop 3 10G fibre runs from Server cabs to patches. Works very well and no problems to report.

Took advantage to get new cabs, drop in some new APC UPS units, build a new dedicated virtual DC (retiring an old physical), moved SSRS, Ubiquiti Wireless APs (mostly for guest access to Internet) and a few other performance tweaks… and (fanfare) an Avaya IP phone system to replace the earlier bane of my life – BCM 450s on ISDN.

The building had 100Meg to internet available with as many statics as we needed so that side was sweet too.

Will be popping back in for a few days to:

  1. drop in a new Hyper-V host
  2. consolidate the remaining physicals (where appropriate)
  3. migrate existing solution to Exchange 365 and set up
  4. policy checks

Great fun seeing the old crowd again..!

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