Still alive and riding – Triumph Rocket III Roadster with Dave Platt Cat Bypass

Triumph Rocket III Roadster Cat Bypass Pipe (Dave Platt)

Just realised it’s been 9 months since I last posted anything here – where the hell did that go..?

Still riding the Rocket every day, except for 3 this winter when the snow was just too risky for 2 wheels – hate those kind of days but what can you do..?

As 90% of my riding is in traffic on the M61, the main route north or south from my location, it’s important to me that car drivers are aware I’m there… bright clothing is not the answer and just leads to a false sense of security – they can’t see you if applying make-up or looking at their phone (both of which I witness with alarming regularity).

Ever since my early biking days and MAG membership I’ve believed in the motto ‘loud pipes save lives’, not so loud as to be anti-social, but definitely loud enough so that people think ‘goodness me, what’s that’ before their next paint-shaving, no indicator, that-lane’s-moving-faster lane change.

Rocket III Roadster outside the Man Cave; cleaned, polished, fresh oil. Probably going to rain.

Enter the Dave Platt Cat Bypass pipe for the Rocket III Roadster. Distinct improvement in low-range torque and smoothness coupled with a beautiful deep rumble/growl. Super-easy to fit, marine stainless and very well constructed. There were 3 or 4 substantial dings and chips in it where it looked like something very shard (sharp and hard) had impacted, but as its location is well out-of-sight I can live with this – and still definitely worth the £300.

In fact, that pleased with it I’m considering one of the Dave Platt Rocket III Roadster complete back-ends in a few months – currently undecided which to go for..?

Considering her generous proportions the Rocket is surprisingly good at filtering through traffic and in the few days the bypass has been installed I’ve noticed further improvement in this area, her already substantial presence enhanced by a mild tectonic like effect which has noticably increased the distance at which cars edge over to provide clearance. Desired result achieved.

Here in the UK we are currently experiencing that rarest of natural phenomena – a beautiful bank holiday weekend, so may even get a video done of how she sounds now (I did – to my usual poor video standard – see below). Weather is that nice I’ve even heard Harleys in the area – that’s the real sign of Summer round the corner.

Roadster on drive outside Man Cave, under the watchful eye of my attack-trained Golden Lab – Satan.

Attack Lab guarding Rocket III Roadster on drive

Don’t be fooled by appearances – she’s like a coiled spring, a stone-cold killer ready to pounce at my command.

The promised Rocket III cat bypass video – only took 5 minutes (you can tell)

Rocket III Roadster Dave Platt Cat Bypass

Cat bypass viewed from underneath left. Way tidier and prettier than that big, old cat.

Mildly embarrassed by the grubby state of the underside of the Rocket – not usually this bad, but the weather has been pretty crappy lately. That sounds like a pretty poor excuse… because it is. Updated – now a post-clean Rocket III Cat Bypass pic.

I’ll give her a good going over this weekend.

Satan the Attack Lab enjoying a well earned rest

Attack Lab ‘Satan’ at rest

*Her name’s not really ‘Satan’…

5 comments to “Still alive and riding – Triumph Rocket III Roadster with Dave Platt Cat Bypass”
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    • Hi Jim

      This is my second Rocket – getting on for 60k on this one
      Of the 30-odd bikes I’ve owned, this is my favourite for riding experience

      Hope you got/are still getting one – awesome machine

      Slight delay on response, I don’t log in to my site much these days.!


    • Hi Jaques

      My opinion – you can’t go wrong with Dave Platt systems
      Reasonable price for excellent quality and performance

      I have recently changed my 3 into 1 Outlaw system (too loud) for the Dave Platt Custom silencers
      They sound awesome and have improved torque across the range

      Will post some pics and a video next weekend

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