Triumph Rocket III Roadster – Dave Platt Short Outlaw & Ramair

Finally took the plunge and replaced my TORs/Dave Platt cat bypass with the 3-into-1 short Outlaw pipe

Rocket III Roadster with Dave Platt Short Outlaw System

Rocket III Roadster with Dave Platt Short Outlaw System

Two things I really like about this setup:

  1. It looks awesome – less clutter, less chrome
  2. Easier access to the rear of the bike – can even remove rear wheel with pipe in place

Youtube videos do not do this system justice regarding sound – with good headphones you can appreciate the enhanced bass, the beautiful deep tone and the roar rising to a scream; what you can’t appreciate is how loud it actually is.

Fitted the system on a Thursday night, when I started her up on the Friday morning immediately decided to perform the 12 minute tune when leaving work as my neighbours are pretty cool and I didn’t want to upset them with the Rocket rumbling for that long at 7am. To remain socially acceptable it requires a seriously restrained hand on the throttle – I now leave my estate every morning practically on tick-over. Flashbacks to my old GPz1100i with its debaffled Harris 4-1 (back in the mid 80s).

Rocket III Roadster - Dave Platt 3-1 Short Outlaw and Ramair

Rocket III Roadster: Dave Platt 3-1 Short Outlaw and Ramair Filter

In conjunction with the Ramair filter, this exhaust means she breaths real easy – so the standard tune is far, far too lean. I’m now running a modified Hans0 #20776 tune with secondaries 100% open across the full range and mixture a little richer. It’s a good starting point, if anything she’s running a little rich but the response low down in the rev range and pick-up is smooth as glass – previously, low speed filtering was lumpy as hell but now it’s a joy.

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