Rocket III Roadster with cut-down stock exhaust

I’ve been running for some time with the Extremeblaster XB08 slip-on can and have had a few issues with it:

  1. Looks like an after-thought
  2. Too loud (no, really – even by my standards)
  3. Baffle disks rusting
  4. End cap warped
  5. Discoloured

Put the stock exhausts back on but found them too heavy, too muted and too long. Which was why I took them off in the first place

Have seen some replacement silencers I like, but at £800 they’ll have to wait a while. In the mean-time I introduced the stock units to one of my friends – Mr AngleGrinder – well, what the hell… why not..?

Triumph Rocket III Roadster with cut-down stock exhaust

Looks surprisingly good and sounds awesome – louder than stock, right side of anti-social (keeps the neighbours happier with my early morning starts) and a lot lighter.

Had to get a little creative with some EHT matt black on the insides, but now looks great. Might even get the seat sorted the way I like before replacing these..!

Would be nice if I could find an end cap to make things look neater – not easy to locate one 5″ in diameter though.

That’s bits of Sycamore all over the drive – beautiful trees but make a hell of a mess.

I have no artistic ability whatsoever, but here’s a brief video I took one (rare) sunny morning before setting off for work.

The iPhone microphone doesn’t really do it justice, but you get the idea. Did the title and fading crossovers on my new iPad pro 12.9″ – awesome tool and incredibly intuitive in use.

For a Microsoft guy I have a lot of Apple kit…

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