Rocket III Roadster and Ferrari something-or-other

OK – the photo may have been modified just a little. Well… the background has been changed from an industrial estate in Old Trafford to something a little more fitting.

Poorly changed..? Maybe, but as I have frequently stated in the past – artistic is something I am not.

Rocket III and Ferrari
The Ferrari is, without doubt, a beautiful piece of engineering. I can appreciate and respect that even if I’m not sure which model it is… here we see the Boss Man’s new Ferrari whatever-it-is parked up next to the Rocket. It’s certainly sexier than his Bentley or other cars.

Although briefly tempted by its undeniably gorgeous, curvy Italian gracefulness and devastatingly good looks, my eyes only rested on it for a fleeting moment of admiration before being drawn back to my English beauty..!

Rocket III Roadster and Ferrari something-or-other

The Original Pic
Took this when Sandy turned up in his new motor – apparently he got rid of the Veyron because he didn’t like the colour.
This is the original picture unedited and not abused in any way.

Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Boss Man’s Ferrari Car outside work in Old Trafford, Manchester. Unedited version.

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