Triumph Thunderbird cat bypass pipes

Why, where and how: my Triumph Thunderbird 1600 cat bypass pipes

Having heard Thunderbirds with long TORs and catalytic converter bypass pipes fitted, I decided to go this route and drop the cat – saving weight, improving performance and enhancing the exhaust note in a deeper rumbly style (without undue annoyance to the neighbours).

I took a quick look around at the various options and it seemed there were 2 main approaches:

  1. Balanced cat bypass pipe (expensive)
  2. Seperate cat bypass pipes (much cheaper)

Fig 1: Balanced Thunderbird cat bypass pipe
 Balanced Triumph Thunderbird catalytic converter bypass pipe
By far the most expensive solution, there is an argument that this form of bypass may increase scavenging and maintain correct back pressure.

Fig 2: Straight Thunderbird cat bypass pipes
Straight-through Triumph Thunderbird catalytic converter bypass pipes

From extensive research on the Triumph forums, riders are getting good results with straight through pipes. There is already a balance pipe towards the front of the exhaust system on the Thunderbird, so it looks like the crossover is not required when bypassing the cat – in fact I believe the cat itself does not cross… rest assured that I will be posting results and video here as soon as definitive results are obtained.

Update: So, after confirming my initial suspicions, straight through bypass pipes is the way I’ve gone. Got myself 2 of 45 degree bend 38mm stainless tubes – each leg 150mm. Any less than this on leg length and it’ll be too short.

Note: Got from AP Motoring (Auto Silicone Hoses) eBay shop, ebay part number 290768447070, description Stainless Steel Bend Pipe Elbow Tube – Exhaust Mandrel Degree 90 45 T304 – £22 for the pair.! Actual product shown above.

    • Took a 65mm section off one end of each pipe, cleaned up the cut edges for easier insertion.
    • Removed silencers, then removed the cat – only awkward part was that when everything is loosened off you have to pull the rear of the cat to the right of the bike first, to disengage it from a mounting lug on the left, and then ‘persuade’ it towards the rear wheel to remove.
    • Slot the short pipe leg into the silencer & then mount, sliding long leg into header. Tighten everything up and refit heat shields.

1. Loosening off the left footrest bracket makes removal/refitting soooooo much easier.
2. If you do manage to damage the exhaust gasket, replacements are around £10 (PFKL1207474 GASKET.EXHAUST.ID38.8.OD44.9)

This is the point I’m at now, but as it’s 23:41 I’ll leave firing up till the morning..!

Quite a straightforward process, difficulty level 3 (slightly increased heart rate, mild cursing, no blood).

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Cat Bypass

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Cat Bypass Pipe

Above is a shot from the left of the Thunderbird showing one of the bypass pipes (obviously before heat shield refitted) – note the void where the heavy cat used to sit.

I have to say that the difference is significant – beautiful deep rumble at low revs and a ‘look out here I come’ bark under throttle – some people may find it a little too loud. I’ll get a video of her up and running posted soon, but in the meantime, check out Wolfsego Thunderbird on youtube, he starts it up at 1:50 and mine sounds the same (you’ll need decent speakers or headphones to pick up the low notes).

Note: Took the Thunderbird on my ‘social loop’: Westhoughton, Bolton, Chorley & Clayton-le-Woods – all peers duly impressed with the sound and suggest that it is definitely not too loud (update: now on short TORs – deeper note but still not too loud).


FYI – 2009 Triumph Thunderbird 1600, K&N high-flow air and oil filters, long TORs, TOR Tune (#20306).

Update: Even better with short TORs – everything here still applies, but even more so. Awesome.

I’ve now put 22,000 miles on the clock in the 2 years I’ve owned it(19,000 on long TORs, 3,000 on short TORs), no issues (31,000 total).

After one 50 mile run, sensors had adjusted appropriately and she runs beautifully – only an occasional pop from exhaust under serious deceleration on those rare times when I’ve given it a handful (honestly, Officer). No signs of over-heating or lean running (after 6 months and 8,000+ miles cat-less). Big Grin motorcycling.

If you go the TuneEcu route to check your maps and diagnostics, couple of things worthy of note:

      1. Pull fuses for headlight/brakelight
      2. Battery charger connected or additional battery in parallel – stops timeouts, it’s temperamental otherwise
      3. First download of your current map can take 25 minutes

Example screenshots showing map number and diagnostics below (no DTCs – always good).

Thunderbird #20360 Tuneecu Map

Thunderbird #20306 TuneECU Map


Thunderbird 1600 TuneECU diagnostics

There are a couple of comments from Ron, who’s not ecstatic about the mods, but generally feedback on results (from here and other forums) has been good – there’s some useful additional info in the comments.

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  1. Sure I’ve seen this bike down Sandy Lane near Clayton le Woods, Chorley… By the Cavendish..? Recognise area from some of the pics. Westhoughton too – Reply by email if you fancy a ride out with some of us other Triumph owners..! Obvious from your site you’ll fit in.

  2. Hi William, is your Thunderbird still running ok after a few months,? I,ve had my 2010 Bird a couple of months now & really like the sound of what you have done……..did you need any gaskets etc for the pipes you got from ebay or did the 38mm ones fit perfectly. Cheers. Keff

    • Hey Keff,

      For last 3 months I’ve been doing 50 miles a day to Manchester and back for my current IT contract – half fast motorway, half filtering through slow traffic. The Thunderbird has handled it with ease and no ill effects.

      Only the pipes are needed – the silencers and headers are lined with braided copper gaskets that slide over the 38mm bypass pipes with a snug gas-tight fit – whole process surprisingly easy.

      Best part is filtering through traffic queues – the spiritually rewarding BOFF BOFF BOFF BOFF at low revs ensures the cars part before me like the Red Sea did for Moses – even had a cop car pull over slightly to let me through, the passenger side officer giving me an approving nod and thumbs-up as I carefully eased by.

    • I’ve put the cat back on i felt I lost o some back pressure on low revs with d cat pipe on it waste of money just my opinion t birds 1600 2010

  3. Thanks for that mate, will have to order a pair……….will let you know how I get on. Cheers. Keff

  4. Hi William, seems like you have a good solution here to the problem of a heavy ugly cat slung under the engine. Thinking of doing the same myself. Reading the article it appears you run a 1600 Thunderbird with the long pipes. I have a 1700 Storm with the short pipes, have you had any feedback from people with the larger lump and shorter pipes? I would be interested to hear if you have, as I think your solution looks much better and obviously cheaper than buying the balanced pipe.

    • Hey Russ – love the 1700 Storm, but had no feedback from any of those fortunate enough to own one.

      If you’re running the short TORs then I suspect it will be very loud – mine’s marginally the correct side of socially acceptable with the long ones.

      I dropped the CAT back in for the MOT and was horrified at how muted it sounded as the mechanic rode it in to the workshop – only a 10 minute job to pop the bypass back in though..!

      Would be good to hear how you get on…

      • Hi William, cheers for the reply. I have not gone ahead with the conversion yet, having a bit of trouble sourcing the bends, checked on ebay and only 1 was available! But should be able to get a couple made up for the cost of a couple of beers, I will let you know how I get on.

      • Bought a black widow decat pipe
        My mechanic advised not to fit it
        Says they cause cutting out and popping

  5. Had the same problem with the 38mm pipes from Ebay, ordered end of Feb & won’t be here until mid April 🙁 but will let you know how I get on when they do arrive. Cheers

  6. William, thanks for the cat bypass alternative. I’ve been searching for this very option. What is your opinion about applying it to the stock pipes? I already have the TOR tune on my Storm to enrich the ratio (decreased popping very much), and have unsealed the airbox. More grunt with that too and I notice no issues with those two changes.

    Do you think this cat bypass alternative will cause my Stock Pipes to be too restrictive? Thanks!

  7. Cat removed, short 38mm pipes fitted with my short TORS on……Wow now sound like a real bike ! will check the performance & fuel consumption in the next few runs. Cheers William

  8. Hi Bob, tried the stock pipes without the cat but sounded the same as my TORS with the cat…… went catless with the short TORS. Cheers

    • Hey Keff, just got myself a 1600 Thunderbird with spares. They include the bypass pipes yr talking about, I’m going to run with standard pipes for the time being. So if I fit the bypass pipes with standard silencers will I have to get a remap? Cheers Biscuit.

  9. Hi William, well I must say the bike has come alive, no change in fuel consumption & is running like a dream ! Did the Ride Of Respect yesterday, nr 300 mile round trip ………..had lots of comments about the sound 🙂 Thanks again mate. Cheers

  10. I have just bought a 2014 Thunderbird Storm. Put those long tors on it and stillnot happy with the sound. I’m about to get the 45 degree pipes from Ebay and rid of the cat.

    Will I need a new tune? The shop just set it for the long tors.
    Thanks for the tips,

    • Hi Ron,

      Same set up I had – long TORs with the TOR tune.

      Been running the cat bypass, long TORs, TOR tune for several months with no further tweaking and tune seems fine (as I was advised). Runs like a dream and no alerts on diagnostics.


  11. Great to hear. Yea the shop was trying to get me to buy the power commander based on cat removal saying that it would proably over heat without a more fine tune.


  12. Definitely lost some torque on my low revs after the cat bypass.
    2014 storm
    Longs tors
    Tor tune
    Separate bypass pipes w no crossover

    • I know that water has flowed under the bridges all that time but just to bring my small rock to the construction. I’ve done a 80-120 km/h test on 6th gear, so from 2000 rpm to 3000, it takes 7 seconds to cover it with cat and long tors and the same time without the cat so there’s no difference for me on my 2011 storm. Went for the simple elbow solution, my only concern is the lack of support where the cat was previously attached to the frame, looking to do a kind of homemade support for it, especially with the weight of the long tors.

      • Hey Eric – get what you’re saying re: the long TORs.
        I ran short TORs on the elbows with no additional support for 15,000+ miles, no probs
        But the long ones are a little heavier

  13. Just in the process of de catting my Storm.Spent an hour trying to “persuade”the cat off the left hand lug but to no avail,after some swearing and contemplating removing the down pipes I noticed that the arm which holds the left foot peg,exhaust,cat retaining peg and some sort of electronic box is only held on with two bolts.Removed bolts cat came off so easy I cursed at all the time I had spent trying to remove the cat.Popped bolts back in and job nearly done,just got to cut down the pipes now to fit but it’s off to work now.Great post by the way gave me the encouragement to tackle this job.

    • Thanks for the feedback Baz… You’ll be impressed with the results – well, I was anyway. Let us know how you get on – Ron (earlier comment) reckons he’s down on torque so interested in your thoughts post by-pass.

      • By pass pipes on and cat removed,not had chance to ride it yet due to the rain but it sounds incredible,not sure if I,ll ever be able to sneak past a police man as the short Tors and by pass pipes are very loud.Hope to give it a ride very soon..

        • Hey Baz – two incidents worthy of note with the Police:

          1. Low speed filtering up the M61 to Manchester a few weeks ago and a stationary Police car (Range Rover I think), too close to the white lines to pass, pulled over to let me filter through – approving nod and thumbs-up from the driver.

          2. Abnormal load with Police Motorcycle escort, slow moving on M61, long tailback. When I’d filtered to the front the Police rider by the side of it checked me in his mirror, pulled to the left and waved me through – an empty M61 in front of you is a joy to behold.

          It’s been my experience that, so long as you’re not being an annoying bastard ragging a loud bike in inappropriate locations, it’s rare to get crap for it – and I do love the way traffic queues part before me (except for the occasional gimp who deliberately blocks you off).

          The weather has been dire the last few weeks, but even with heavy rain the M61 and A580 are better endured on the bike (40 wet bike minutes versus 2 dry car hours).


  14. Most definitely lost torque on my low gears. But the sound is amazing. Every place ive turned have said it was due to lost back pressure or the bike running too lean. If its too lean then the right tune should do. But I guess if its back pressure, the bike would need that airflow restriction again that the cat provided. Actually thinking of putting my stock exhaust back in to give it a little more restriction.

    • Hi Ron, put my cat back in a while ago (MOT time) and thought it was less responsive than cat-less.

      2009 Thunderbird
      K&N high-flow air filter
      Long TORS
      TOR Tune (#20306)

      After a few miles running, sensors seemed to have adjusted appropriately – not running lean or over-heating – and only an occasional pop from the exhaust on rapid deceleration (if heavy hand had been applied to throttle).

      I’m guessing you’re sure the TOR Tune is in…

      Good luck.!

  15. Took the Storm out for a quick blast tonight,couple of motorway miles and some general urban riding.First impressions are “wow”,feels more responsive and triple figures come up really quick,the noise is fantastic,loud and had a few heads turn even before I was upon them but riding sensibly it’s possible to keep the noise down to a minimum.Just to re cap,short tors,k&n filter,triumph open tune and of course the decat pipes.Very happy with the results.

  16. Hi there , just completed this mod on my storm with the short tors, brilliant and soo easy, and just to let you my mot buddy said that bikes don’t need the cat to pass an mot…..??? Thanks Dave

  17. Hi there, thanks for posting this – has helped make my mind up as to whether I should bin the cat – got the bypass pipes on order and looking forward to letting the bike sing as it should. Will let you know how it turns out – hopefully will get same results as you seem to have done! Thanks again and thanks to all those who had contributed to this thread!

  18. i have a set of slash cut universal 19 inch in length and matt black that i am going to fit to my 1600..they have
    baffles and look great ..and should go on without any extra fittings on to my downs….hopefully !!!

    • Always liked slash-cuts 🙂 Drop me a picture when you’ve done, I’ll stick it on the site as an alternative solution..! Can’t tell you how much I’m loving these short TORs – as well as the great sound it’s possible to work on the back end without dropping the pipes.

      • my shorties have rusted through on the left side just around the top in two places and only 5 years old…hence the slashes
        will take some pics when i fit ,but will be in a couple of months…

  19. Hello to all I have a 2013 1600 Thunderbird with the short Triumph sports exhaust I am wondering what happens to the wiring plugs that would fit onto the lamba sensors in the cat if I remove it to fit either the crossover decat pipe or straight through decat pipes.?? Many thanks in advance for any help.

    • Hi – those sensors fit into the headers, not the cat. Unless there’s been a significant change I didn’t know about (don’t think so). Should present no problem.


      • Thanks Will I haven’t looked on my bike but saw that there are wiring plugs on eBay to plug into the wire’s going to the cat & wonder what they are in aid of.? Is there before & after cat lamba sensors fitted as on cars.?

        Many thanks for any help.

      • Thank you for getting back to me the reason for asking is that on eBay there are wiring plugs to plug into the cat sensor wiring & wondered why. After reading all the comments I have ordered the K&N filter & the non balance straight decat pipes my bike has the map for the short TORS would I need to get that altered..??
        Many thanks for any help in advance.

        • Hi John – I’ve done 19,000 miles on long TORs and 3,000 on my new short TORs – running Tune #20306 on straight-through bypass. No issues at all. The short TOR tune runs fine – you’ll get a little popping at first whilst the sensors adjust to the increased exhaust flow. There is no wiring to the cat, nor sensors in it. The lambda sensors are bolted into the headers and remain when the cat is removed.

          I love it.

  20. I already had the balanced cat bypass pipe and a straight through slash cut exhaust fitted to my 2010 1600 Thunderbird when a bought it last year, the guy said he had it remapped as well and it pulls like a train.
    Love the sound it makes but it does backfire a fair bit when I throttle down, a mate said it’s not loud enough and there’s me thinking it was.
    Anyway! I’ve just had the bike airbrushed and was looking for a different look with the exhausts while making it easier to get to the rear wheel without having to drop the exhausts every time I get a new tyre, I’ve bought a pair of 19″ long turnout slash cuts and two 45 degree 38mm mandrel pipes from
    Thanks for the invaluable info you’ve supplied on this page, I’d be struggling otherwise. I thought I’d have to find mandrel pipes to come off the balanced cat bypass pipe and I wasn’t a 100%| sure on the angle or how long they need to be.
    Turnouts arrived today and hopefully I’ll get the mandrel pipes tomorrow, gonna do a video of the straight through slash cuts on then the turnouts on and hopefully show a big difference in tone and noise.

  21. UPDATE
    Had a look at the new turnouts yesterday and it’s not going to be as easy as I thought, there’s no 45 degree bend where it slips on to the cat bypass.
    So I’d need a bend welding on to the turnouts or find someone who can custom make the link pipes with two 45 degree bends..

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  23. Hi William,

    Just done the mod on my 2010, 1700 tbird with shorty TORS morning following your advice above. Really strait forward to do and the bike now sounds mean as it should.

    I’ve got a bit of popping on declaration in 1st and 2nd as well but as per above do you think that will decrease after its done a few miles?

    Thanks again and great blog.

  24. Hi William,
    I’ve followed your lead: cat removed, straight pipes into shorty TORs, K&N air filter, and Mustang seat. I’m getting excessive popping similar to Lloyd’s comment, and check engine light came on. Rode ~200km (125 mi). Shop that did the remap is still waiting for update to software and cable to try again.

    Question: Is the new seat restricting air intake? I’ve removed the foam around the top of the air filter covers, but is that enough?

    Thanks for the advice

    • Hi Sean – in the first instance I’d recommend disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and then firing her up and running for 12 minutes on tick over. No throttle blipping.

      That should reset everything and allow sensors to adjust.

      Mustang Seat caused no air intake restriction for me, and I’m rather heavy (6′ 4″ and 17.5 stone) – although I did sit waaaaaaay back.

      Personally never did the 12 minute reset as had no issues from the get-go but was advised by dealer it may be a good idea.

      Much as I’m loving my Rocket III I’m definitely missing the Thunderbird too – hoping you get sorted..!

  25. Hi William,
    Thanks for all the info above. Removing the cat was very easy, even for me, having two left hands. I must admit that I expected a bit more loudness though, perhaps the long TORs are doing a good job in silencing. But my Tbird definitely sound better. Gained some torque for sure. No backfire, I think remapping isn’t necessary because she runs great.
    I loved the look of the bike without the exhausts though. It gave me the idea for adapting the short Speedmaster exhausts on the Tbird. Do you have any info about experiences with this?

    • Glad you’ve had good results – I don’t have any experience of using the Speedmaster short pipes on the Thunderbird but would be really interested in knowing more if you go ahead.

      Let me know how you get on..! Preferably with some pics.

      Update: The short TORs are definitely louder – not cheap but I was very impressed with the improved sound and appearance over the long ones.

  26. I de-catted my T-Bird and noticed a big improvement in sound and power in all areas. Now thinking of changing to a Norman Hyde air filter. De-catting didn’t require a remap but would changing the air filter as well require one ? Question is – Decat alone doesn’t require remap. Would Decat + Norman Hyde air filter require remap ? De-Catted my bike after reading all yuor info on hear. Hardest part was deciding to do it but this site and comments were very informative and useful thanks. ( Tested a Rocket and preferred my T-Bird ! value my licence too much to own a Rocket ! )

  27. Has anyone looked at doing a de-cat on a 2014 Thunderbird LT and can advise on what’s needed?

  28. Great article it has inspired me to take on the project, but for the love of god do you think anywhere in Australia can you get an exhaust mandrel 38mm with a 45 degree bend that has 150mm leg length either side. I can get them on ebay from the uk or custom exhaust specialists in Australia will make them. Was looking for a quick fix but looks like the 4-6 weeks wait via ebay uk is my only option 20 quid each and 45 quid postage dammit.

    • There’s nothing more frustrating than something that should be simple proving not to be so…

      But on the bright side you do get to live in Oz..! Not sure what the weather is like where you are but I’ll bet it’s warmer and (a lot) drier than Manchester, England.

      Good luck with sourcing the pipes – it’ll be worth the wait..!

      • Great news a local exhaust specialist bent me up two pieces of 38mm stainless 300mm long with a 45 dgree bend in the middle, warranted its not the same quality as a mandrel, did the job in 10min cost $35.00AUD which is about 20.00 pound. Followed your instructions, only difference on the Thunderbird I have maybe emissions standards are different but the cat I removed had no retaining lug ontop just two side mounting bolts and once the exhaust slip ons had been removed the cat came off pretty easily,. So i have a 2010Triumph thunderbird short sports pipes and no cat the sound is dam good and under acceleration sounds awesome throttle response definitely sharper and even sounds better at idle. However lots of popping on decelleration, im due a service and wanted to incorporate some inprovements to the air intake if anyone can comment on air intake mods i would appreciate some ideas. BC airbox removal kit retails in oz about $600.00 and you have to install a power commander 5 which retails for $550 that plus labour and dyno time looking at $1500.00. Im not sure if retaining the current airbox and fitting a KN filter is a easier and definitely cheaper approach and would that yeild the same result is there a trumpy hack that can be performed that improves airflow on the currently restrictive air filter set up open to any suggestions. Once i have completed intake mods and power commander 5 and had the dyno tune I will post HP gains and a brief review current specs for the Australian Thunderbird are 87hp on the stock 1600. Am hoping with the cat bypass some form of improvement on the intake KN filter etc and my already fitted short sports pipes id like to think 100hp + is achievable. Thanks again William for the great tips on the cat bypass can’t believe it was so easy. Feel free to email me direct on

        • Did you let her tick-over for 12 minutes, without touching the throttle. Lets all the sensors adjust correctly. Stopped most of my popping on the over-run (although you’re going to get a little regardless).

  29. Hey everybody! Great thread and thank you for breaking down this process for newbies like me. I’ve order the 45 degree elbows and will implement the following in milestones (not on the same day) I’m curious to know what changes (power and sound) I should expect on my 2012 Storm and if I need to take the bike to the dealership to connect the computers.

    Milestone 1 – Remove the cat and install the 45 degree elbows. Observe response for a few rides.

    Milestone 2 – Drill the baffles on my stock long silencer pipes. Observe. (Is there a video that explains this process. I need a bit of clarity to this).

    Milestone 3 – Install TORs if I don’t like the drilled stock pipes.
    – can someone answer if the TORS create too much heat for passengers? I’ve read they damage panniers since the exhaust does not clear the bags. I assume the same for passengers.

    I’m not sure what a DYNO is. I saw a video of someone hooking up their laptop to the bike to adjust the TUNES. I admit that both of these tasks are above my skill set.

  30. Great article and thanks. I have a 2010 stock TB 1600 and have ordered the bypass pipes, don’t want mega volume output but it certainly needs more. Will I need to do anything else to get a TOR sound when bypass pipes fitted and cat removed

  31. Hi William,

    Just about to put on the bypass pipes. Looking all over the net for some real advice and your thread is just the job.
    I have a BBkit on a 2009 Thunderbird with long TORs, the bike sounds great now but from all the comments I have to have a go. I am just down the road from you and will also be visiting Mr Pigs for the normal stuff on your recommendation.

  32. Hello everyone . Just bought a 1700 2015 Night storm . Being new to the cruiser coming from a speed triple r I find my self a little lost . She is a thing of great beauty but very quite . I have taken off one of the rather long standard silencer and it sounds much better, i read a bit about removing the cat etc . My questions are can I simply fit some slash pipes on cat if so does it need remapping and where to purchase pipes . Secondly if I go down the route of removing cat again what parts do you recommend and best place to get parts . Thanks in advance all info much appreciated

  33. Surprisingly almost the exact same scenario as Nigel.
    I have a 2015 Commander, also coming from the Speed Triple world. Love the commander but struggle with the lean angle but that’s a different feed.
    Looking at the V&H Slash and have already ordered the bypass tubes. But I have no idea on what will be needed for mapping.

  34. I bought Jack-be-quick pipes and had to complain, they were basket bent, and not round.In their defence they refunded.

    I will be de, catting tomorrow and fitting the Shirt Tors and the pipes ive just bought,I also bought a Easy Riser lift. Just and awesome lift. Can wait to ride it Sunday.

  35. Well took the Cat off today and fitted the Short Tors, did the obligatory 12 mins running on Idle. Holy Cow its loud, but awesome, Ticks over quiet but a quick blip and its loud. Can wait to test it tomorrow morning. I will update after the run.

    • Loud, but deep and mellow. Not irritating or antisocial in the least.
      Have TORs and decent tune on the Rocket – has the same effect as Thunderbird short TORs in traffic but not as satisfying to the soul.
      You’re gonna love it..!

  36. I found your information some time ago, I have looked over it many times and ordered the bends required via ebay(40 quid or there a bouts) had them safe in the garage for about 3 months till I finally took the plunge,
    WHY DID I WAIT !!!!
    Brilliant what a massive difference I now have a bike to be proud of and love the sound of it sooooo much, If loud pipes save lives then I’m the fourth emergency service because this lovely machine will now move you back from the kerbside even when frozen with fear or just envious at the sound of it,
    Thank you so much for writing this up in a way even I could follow, AND YES I DID !!!
    To anyone out there still considering doing this then please do so, and even if the change does not make you smile then no harm done just replace the cat, its not difficult and gets easier with practise,
    Thanks again Sir.
    Its a 2010 1600, thunderbird, Short Tors, & No Cat

  37. Great read that was,all of it…….Now my turn,I have a 2016 Tbird night storm, I am planning on fitting a K&N filter, de-cat with the 45 degree pipes and fitting the tor black shorties that say NOT FOR ROAD USE on them, now my question is, will this need a Triumph retune (as in a Triumph dealer tune) as I’ve read that tuneecu can lock up the ecu or can I run it for ex amount of minutes as stated above and leave the sensors to sort the tune out them selves?

    • First off – congrats on a beautiful bike..!

      Really not sure why they stamp ‘NOT FOR ROAD USE’ on the short TORs- I found that as well as looking and sounding awesome, they always worked really well on the road.

      Never had any problems with TuneECU and used it extensively on Thunderbird and both Rockets – although a dealer install is an option if you prefer not to meddle.

      To the point though – people who understand more about this than me advise that the 12 minute tickover will let sensors adjust to suit, but that prolonged ‘enthusiastic’ riding could mean running a little lean and potential overheating. Expect serious popping on the over-run too.

      I’d recommend getting the tune done rather than risk it for any length of time. I ran without it for a couple of months with no apparent harm, the difference once installed was immediately noticeable though, both in power delivery and popping.


  38. Thanks William, she certainly is a beauty,

    I can only presume about the not for road use is because there made by Arrow who produce race orientated cans so perhaps that’s it, who knows.

    I got in touch eventually after tracking him down with a mechanic who worked for the dealer (which Triumph sadly closed) I bought my bike from so he also knows my bike.

    After a few to and fro questions and answers he said that it would need the Triumph tune, he’s done a few with just the de-cat and the shorties and they work well, the only thing he wasn’t sure on was the air filter, he has offered to install it for me for a couple of beers once fitted so all’s good, so that means I don’t have to mess and or screw it up lol

    Also I spoke to a dealer who told me the Triumph tune was just for the shorties with the cat still in place so who knows, I did mention about tune ecu and read that it can lock up the ecu, in a round about way he agreed, and as he said the ecu’s and bikes themselves are getting so much more complex now and will eventually lead to having to go back to the dealer to have any mods done ie ecu tunes.

    I will do this in stages I think, Fit the filter, run for 12 minutes on tick over like you say, then do the same with the de-cat and shorties, but I will still get the tune done to be on the safe side as I don’t want to cook this particular big bird (I’ll leave the cooking with the chickens and turkeys) haha

    So I will leave it there but will come back when all is sorted and let you know how its gone and what she runs and sounds like, really looking forward to hearing it mainly.

    Thanks for the great thread William, also hope my 2 pennies worth help others out too,

    Best regards


  39. Hiya folks

    Just a quick update for you all, I removed my monster cans and my cat, semi mounted my new shorties to see how much to lose of the 45° tubes, looking at It I thought 65mm was a lot to take off, I did in the end only cut off 35mm off one end, inserted the shorter pipe into the silencer and mounted it to see how it all lined up, and bingo it worked, even managed to get the shields mounted to, I couldn’t fire her up last night as it was late, but will be today sometime, hopefully I will be able post some links to the cans and link pipes from e-Bay, one thing is still puzzling me though, that’s the 35mm I took off my 45° pipes, may be something is different on the 2016 1700cc nightstorm, I don’t know so will just say have a look before you lop a length off your new stainless pipes, not expensive if you balls it up though………….

    Cheers Julian

    All the best folks and ride safe…………………

  40. well after a short 186 test ride, chuffed to nuts, a few pops through the cans throttling off, but wonderful sound and a clean pull all the way through to the red line. Immensely happy

  41. Well after a bit of grief from car owners with alarms. I have refitted the original silencers, but without the Cat.

    It still sounds really good but quieter than the short Tors. I do prefer the look though and it has a deep growl .

  42. Just fitted Triumph Short TORs to my 2014 Thunderbird Storm, but left the CAT in place (for now). Let her idle on the driveway for 20 mins until the fan kicked in, then took her out for a 45 min run on country roads through the range finishing on a 10 mins at motorway speeds. She looks and sounds a lot better than stock and, I think, is more responsive. Do I need a retune or will she be ok as people in other forums say?

  43. Just made 2 link pipes cost just 2 hours of my time the bike sounds awesome I have the shorty pipes on very happy thanks for the advice on your page

  44. Are you still maintaining this site? I wonder why I’ve never found this before? I have a 2010 TBird with no cat and long TORs. Oh and I’ve been a Sysadmin/Analyst for over 20 years now. What are the odds?

    • Hey Joseph… yes – still maintaining the site, although clearly not as frequently as I should.

      Tend not to drop IT articles on here now – let’s just say ‘security concerns’.

      Long odds indeed… 20 years a sysadmin probably puts you around 10 years younger than me – and so few of us seem to ride.
      I know a few IT pros with bikes that only see sunny Sundays, but no serious riders. Each to their own I guess.

      Thunderbird was by far the prettiest bike I ever owned, loved it but with my mileage the Roadster shaft drive is a must.

      Take care…!

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