Triumph Rocket III Roadster Forward Controls – Refined Cycle FC17

Refined Cycle FC17 Triumph Rocket III Roadster Forward Controls


As a tall rider, my current 60 mile daily commute to Manchester was occasionally marred by aches and pains brought on by riding in what was effectively a stress position for my stature – failed to notice potential difficulties on the test ride thanks to adrenaline.

To be fair to Triumph, at 6′ 4″ with a 36″ inside leg I guess I’m at the upper end of their ergonomic design range and even then, the position wouldn’t be that bad if my left hip was as flexible as the new right one. It’s more an issue with me rather than the bike (although personal preference and aesthetics featured in my decision as much as comfort).

The forward controls on the Thunderbird were beautiful – in an attempt to replicate the comfort afforded by that feet-forward position I had a look around for a suitable modification for the Rocket.

I found the ideal solution with Refined Cycle’s forward controls for the Rocket III roadster.

Triumph Rocket III Roadster with Refined Cycle FC17 Forward Controls – right

Initial thoughts on Refined Cycle forward controls

Moving from the Thunderbird to the Roadster was a pretty smooth transition, but I missed the laid-back feet forward riding position – it was just so comfortable and I can’t believe I’d left it so long to try that style of riding. These controls almost matched that level of comfort and were certainly significantly more comfortable than the stock pegs.

The Refined Cycle forward controls enabled me to slot comfortably into the sculpted seat and (mostly) straighten my legs instead of gripping the front edge of the pillion with my butt cheeks and sliding forward under braking; sat upright, feet forward, sublimely comfortable.

Stock setup on the Rocket III Roadster sees the right foot touching the Master Cylinder and left foot way behind the oil tank, so you can see just how far forward this mod moves those pegs (although it replaces rather than moves)..!

Refined Cycle website link – the manufacturers of the FC17 forward controls

Refined Cycle FC17 forward controls flex (early versions)

The early versions of the right-hand side bracket suffered from a degree of flex. I’ve put over 6,000 miles on the clock since fitting mine and although it flexes noticeably it doesn’t look like failing.

Refined Cycle have now rectified this and for those customers unhappy with the early version have offered to either:

  1. Replace earlier versions on return of the original
  2. Provide a strengthening brace to weld on yourself
  3. Sell the stronger bracket and refund you (including postage) on return of the original

Of course, if you’re reading this now it’s not an issue as you’ll get the stiffened bracket as part of the kit. Nice to see that Refined Cycle pay attention to feedback, as evidenced by their comments below.


Triumph Rocket III Roadster – FC17 Forward Controls Gear Lever. In a rare moment of sunshine.

Rocket III Refined Cycle Forward Controls: Final Note

Almost everything ‘Custom’ I’ve got for my Triumphs has had to come from across the Pond resulting in long waits and taxes – two of my least favourite things. Also a long turn-around if you need to send anything back. In future I’ll make the effort to source kit at home.

At £366 including import duties (to UK) not the cheapest of mods, just wish I’d waited a few weeks and got the modified flex-free bracket instead of the bending one.

  1. The Rocket is surprisingly easy to throw around but these controls add a couple of inches to the width, on more than one occasion I’ve grounded them on roundabouts and tight bends; not a deal-breaker but something to be aware of – it’s the pegs that ground (and fold up if mounted correctly) not the brackets
  2. Had to remove the crash bars – a calculated risk, will try not to fall off too often
Union Flag on Triumph Jacket

Spot the addition to the jacket – Union Flag – just in case those behind can’t tell it’s a British bike.

12 comments to “Triumph Rocket III Roadster Forward Controls – Refined Cycle FC17”
  1. Thanks for the great write-up William! Just wanted to let you know the brake side “flex” has been fixed. We added a welded gusset into the lower corner (where the flex occurs). We offer a free swap out to anyone that bought them before the change. Just send us the right side bracket and we’ll send you the updated one. Or, we will send a gusset to anyone that would prefer to weld it on themselves.

    • Hi Craig – good to hear from you guys.

      For the most part I do love my forward controls and a few Rocket owners have expressed interest in them.

      I’m pleased that you have fixed the flexing issue now and I’ll update my post accordingly. The slightly disturbing sensation under braking coupled with dampened feedback from the rear detracts from an otherwise excellent piece of kit.

      I’m reluctant to weld bracing onto it myself and would prefer a pre-fixed bracket – unfortunately she’s my primary transport and the original (wildly uncomfortable) pegs are not an option. Several days slumming it the car is not something I’d be prepared to do either, even given the current adverse weather conditions.

      If sending a braced bracket out to me first is not an option (so that I can swap it out and return the original with no riding interruption) then I guess it’s going to be something that I’ll have to put up with for the time being.

      PS – Loved your website…


  2. I love my refined cycle forward controls work awesome on my 2013 roadster. I returned my original bracket for the new gusseted bracket not that I felt it was absolutely necessary but because I wanted to have that peace of mind. Refined Cycle is one company that actually listens to it’s customers.

    • William, I just happened upon this further discussion and wanted to add some input. First let me say, customer service is of utmost importance to me. Refined Cycle is not a huge corporation; we are a small family business that absolutely needs and cares about every customer. And if a customer comes to me with a concern such as yours, I find a solution.

      We have added an option to our “Replacement Hardware” section that allows a customer to buy the revised part for US$46. The customer can then return their old part at ANY TIME for a full refund. In addition whatever our system charged you for shipping will also be fully refunded upon return of the old part. This covers us and allows the customer to have very little down time. I hope this is a viable option for you to be able to continue enjoying your FC17 Forward Controls. Thank you.

  3. Does anybody know Details abaut the D.O.T – road compliance of These FC17 forewars control in Germany ?
    I am 6´2″ tall and in need of more leeg room.

    I heard these FC17 controls can be TÜF- Germany certified when I can show legal paperwork for D.O.T – USA certification.

  4. please can anyone tell me, will this amazing kit go on my 2010 rocket roadster, thanks in advance stephen

    • Sure it will, but I’d confirm with manufacturer first.
      Still using mine – 45,000 miles on this one and despite having the early ‘bendy bracket’ version still fine.
      Really wish they would have changed it for me – Make sure you get the braced version.

      Having a 36″ inside leg, completely transforms comfort levels.

  5. Hi Will. 6ft10 here, also with 36″ inside leg. Im super keen for an R3 but am put off by potentially chasing a dream of comfort that wont happen. Would you be able to get a picture of your good self riding so i can get an idea of how it might feel? Happy for you to email it to me directly.

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