Vintage Triumph Motorcycle Magazine

What-ho chaps…! Stumbled across this rather spiffing image of a March ’52 ‘Motor Cycling’ magazine cover depicting some pleasant motorcyclist types and jolly nice lady friend, no doubt off for a country jaunt and lashings of Ginger Beer..!

By George, what was true then is as true today or I’m a Charlie’s Aunt and no mistake… Triumph – the best Motor Cycle in the World.

Vintage Motor Cycle Magazine
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Dated just one month after the accession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Throne of this remarkable Nation; a better time when this island nation’s Mother of all Parliaments was still, for the most part, honest.

God save the Queen..!

Crikey – almost forgot..! God bless John Bloor too – saviour of British Motorcycle manufacturing.

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